Creating lessons for StudyAtOnline.com provides you the ability to at the same time combine the love for teaching, writing, creativity, and communication. The ability to reach and teach a worldwide audience is just icing on the cake. The cherry on high is the fact that you get to pick and choose your projects, work when and where you wish, and act with really nice colleagues that care about changing the unfortunate nature of broken academic systems and ways around the world.
Wherever possible, we encourage our partners to create course content open and ascertainable, to link out to the best of the online and take part in the online discussion. We attempt to make course content accessible on as several devices as possible and to all visitors.
Listen to our learners:

Our learner’s feedback is at the heart of our development process: each in terms of course content and options of the platform. We constantly iterate and improve supported feedback and observing how people are learning. We release features as soon as possible and learn from how real people use them. Then we make them better.

Embrace massive:
We seize the chances that a large number of people learning together affords: the specialist knowledge that exists in the group; the number of people online together at one time; the means ideas flow around a network; and how crowds can assist surface the best content. And we learn from looking at how a large group of learners behaves.

Provoke conversation:
Conversation happens in the context and is integral to the educational experience. Social interactions are open by default to encourage vicarious learning and permit all to profit from the discussion. We encourage everyone to be sociable as a result of one of the best ways to learn is through talking with others.

Keep it simple:
We try to avoid confusion wherever possible. We use earthy language and build the experience as friendly and welcoming as we are able to, and encourage our partners to constant. We always design for the common use cases. If a feature is helpful but only to some, we will resist the temptation to include it, so as keep the platform easy to use by all.
Create connections:
We encourage learners to create connections to produce mutual support, challenge their ideas and take away the loneliness of distance learning. We create spaces for small groups to come together and reach shared accepting.

Embrace Future Learners:
We would like to create a community of lifelong learners, and supply the stepping stones from one journey to the next. Our visitors are Future Learners, not students of a particular university.
You will enjoy working with StudyAtOnline.com for the variety of reasons. Writing the categories of lessons we provide to students is fun, however, it is also rewarding. Anyone can present information, yet presenting it in an engaging and memorable way takes skill and you can enjoy challenging yourself in that way. If you work better with deadlines we will give you some. If you wise weekly or monthly goals for motivation we will provide those too. But if you just would like to do your own thing we are fine with that as well. StudyAtOnline.com is constantly effort for improvement, and with our frequent incentives and constructive feedback, you are continuously left feeling valued and appreciated.
We have lots of experience in developing online in a variety of contexts including educational technology, publishing, marketing, gaming, broadcasting, and social networking.
You can find out additional concerning what we are up to on our blog.
We are looking for great, passionate people to join us in helping shape the online learning. Take a look at our website for more information on current open positions.