Simple Ideas And Strategies for Course Sites

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Simple Ideas And Strategies for Course Sites
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Course Sites is a free, hosted online course creation and facilitation service which empowers individual teachers, college and university instructors and community educators to feature a web–based element to their courses, or perhaps host a complete course on the Internet. You even select your own URL, therefore, students can find the page easily.



What is a Course Site?

A Course Site is essentially a no-cost online learning environment that you simply can set up to match your personal teaching style, curricula, and a student wants. It can provide you significant power beyond the standard classroom. You can also create Course Sites to post course materials, encourage collaboration, monitor performance, communicate with students, and manage grades. And Course Sites are available to you and your students anytime.
The flexible menu and course design capabilities provide educators at all levels the ability to connect with learners of all ages – from all the way through to retirement and on the far side. Course Sites support every type of teaching methods and learning needs – from lecture series to social learning and even worker training.



How can students gain access to the Course Sites?

Once you established your course, you can use the Course Invitations tool to invite your students. Students clearly follow the link in the invitation, establish a Course Sites account and join your course. You can observe the status of your invitations to see who is viewed and also accepted their invitations.
If the students are already members of Course Sites, you can also invite them. Students can enroll to use existing account information when accepting the invitation.
You also have the ability to make accounts for students with haphazardly generated usernames and passwords.



What is the difference between Course Sites and Blackboard Learn?

Course Sites is designed particularly for the individual instructor. Course Sites is powered by the most recent Blackboard Learn technology, besides aspects of Blackboard Mobile, Blackboard Collaborate, and Blackboard Connect. The majority of powerful core options of those technologies are available at no cost to use by individual lecturers and students at all levels. Currently, Course Sites is running Blackboard Learn.
To optimize the use of those technologies at the individual level and to provide you more power beyond the classroom, There are a few particular features available only to Course Sites.



Can I access Course Sites on my mobile device?

Yes! Students and Instructors can access their courses on Course Sites through Blackboard Mobile Learn. Just visit the App store, Android Marketplace, Blackberry App World, or Palm App Catalog and install the free Blackboard Mobile Learn app. Once installed, search for Course Sites by Blackboard as the school, enter your Course Sites login credentials and you are connected!

What types of files can you upload to Course Sites?

Instructors and students can upload any and all file types to a Course Site. There are no restrictions as Course Sites can be used to support an instruction on any subject. We do recommend that instructors and students just upload files for which everyone else concerned can open. For instance, if you upload a Microsoft Word document, make sure that any co-instructors and learners possess Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer to open and read the file.



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