Why is General Education So Important?

April 19th, 2017 | by StudyAtOnline.com
Why is General Education So Important?
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Students typically complain about general education requirements. While the study of English is clear, why is college algebra needed? Why should non-scientists study chemistry, biology or environmental science? Why is it so important to study the arts and social sciences? There are good reasons why general education plays a vital role in the baccalaureate degree.

Basic Skills: It is very important for a student to master basic skills first. Everyone agrees that strong writing skills are absolutely needed in this information age. A course in speech and communications is also important in refining presentation skills required for the working world. While most have grown up with computers, few really use them for research, manipulation of data, an illustration of reports, advanced communications and myriad different things electronic tools offer.

Why is college algebra important? There is a very important reason why college algebra (and its prerequisites) should be done early in a degree program. it is a graphic way to perceive relationships. I frequently tell students that while I am not a mathematician, as a musician I work with connecting the known and unknown. I use the systems learned in algebra when I compose music.

History and Government: No one is an island – we are all associated whether we like it or not. Simply put, these ignorant of the past and indifferent to the systems and ways of governing are doomed to past experience the tragic consequences of repeating the errors of history. Currently, we live in a historical age wherever society simply must do better.

Humanities: Artists play a vital role, they are windows into society. If one has an understanding of the arts, one is ready to discern the world as it was, is and could be. Artists are typically the primary to expose the new waves of history.

 Social Sciences: Our world is becoming more and more crowded. Social science gives a nomenclature that enables us to perceive complex human relationships and institutions. Understanding humanity, culture, and society give essential lessons for the successful navigation of life.

Science and Mathematics: Anyone who has been to the doctor knows how important it is real to understand basic science. As our planet shrinks, we have to all learn more about our responsibility toward its stewardship. We live in a time where we have to think globally and act domestically.

General education has other equally essential elements. Foreign cultures and languages have disappeared and reappeared in the curriculum over the years. The study of ethics and philosophy has usually moved into specialized areas relating to a major. Finally, the humanities and social sciences are so broad that what to go away out has long dominated the discussion.

Grounding oneself in the various general education disciplines develops a powerful foundation for lifelong learning. It is important to put these courses first so the skill sets learned therein may be applied to any major. Most significantly, it is the general education expertise that prepares us to make important contributions to the community, our nation, and the world.



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