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Choose Your Online IT Certification – Online Colleges
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When it comes to selecting an online information technology program, there are choices available beyond just the quality degree.


There’re Nano degrees, a comparatively new type of IT online certification that provides skills for particular job tracks, like data analyst or iOS developer. Or, an online boot camp might prepare you for one of the many types of IT certification exams, which many IT companies need employees to pass before they begin working.


The certification students select to pursue depends on the job they are trying to get and where they’re in his/her career. That is why it is vital to explore your choices before creating a final decision about which IT program is correct for you.



Degree Programs

Earning a degree – as opposed to an information technology industry certification, for instance – can be beneficial to your long career, says David Leasure, provost and chief academic officer at Western Governors University, an online university. You can protect that lifetime of work rather than just protecting that next job.


Some degree programs, just like the one at Western Governors University, additionally incorporate preparation for a few IT certification exams into their curricula.


Generally, experts say, it takes longer to acquire an online IT degree than it does an online certificate – not to be confused with the industry certifications. Additionally to this courses, degree programs generally include general education necessities and emphasize analytical thinking and writing.


In distinction, certificate and Nano degree programs typically focus on developing a specific skill, especially one required for a job. If something comes up, you can push your class time to later in the day.




Certificate Programs

IT online certificates need fewer classes than degrees do and target on the field or a more particular topic within it. At several schools, certificates can serve as a subset to a higher degree program that means students can apply the credits they achieved in a certificate program to a degree later on.


Boston University’s Metropolitan College provides an online graduate certificate in information technology requiring 4 IT courses. Credits are often transferred to a master’s degree in computer information systems, telecommunication or computer science. At Kaplan University, students can achieve a certificate online in subjects such as information security.




IT Training and Boot Camps

The evolution of online education has led to further types of online IT classes as well, particularly training programs and boot camps.


As an example, Maryland’s SANS Institute, provides a range of online training courses in information security. These vary from vLive, a live, evening program with classes that last 5 or 6 weeks and meet twice a week, to On Demand, a self-paced program. Students sign up for particular courses that can range from almost one thousand and two hundred dollars to five thousand and four hundred dollars.


Some online courses prep students for the business certification exams, equally to other online training choices.


At the extraordinary faculty which provides IT training both in-person and online, students can inscribe in the CCNA Quad Certification Boot Camp, an online program that readies students for various exams in information security.


Most boot camp programs are offered face to face, however they are starting to appear online as well.




Nano degrees and Massive Open Online Courses

Udacity, a company aiming to provide reasonable programming and technology online courses, developed the Nano degree in conjunction with corporations such as AT&T and Google. Udacity works with IT employers to make project-based, self-paced programs, which generally need about 5 – 7 courses that build on each another as you progress and embody support from a coach.


Students initial take a readiness test to determine for themselves whether or not they have the basic skills for a given class.


Nano degree programs cost almost two hundred dollars per month. For a student working a full-time job, they usually take about 6 months to complete, although the time can vary depending on a person’s familiarity with a subject.


While there are some massive open online courses, related to IT, online learners probably would not enroll in one with a specific career goal in mind.



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