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Online Learning Information for Everyone
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Online learning is perhaps one of the most popular and most controversial developments in post-secondary education. It has each strong advocates and strong critics. Unfortunately, a lot of the discussion around online learning extremely emotional and ill-informed. The value of on-line learning depends on a variety of various factors, and so the article will focus specifically on the acceptable conditions necessary for the successful use of online learning in distance education.




Why use online learning in distance education?

There are much different if connected reasons for the drive towards the additional use of online learning in distance education.

Increased access

One reason for its use in Canada and also the USA is that most students currently have access to the Internet. Yet, one must be careful in creating this kind of presumption. The University of British Columbia, as an instance, is a large public research university that needs very high grades from high school before students are admitted. Most of the students return from comparatively affluent families and those that don’t, have comparatively generous scholarships available. Therefore, over ninety percent of students entering Uniform Building Code have already a personal computer and Internet access at home. Uniform Building Code is not an open university, and can so need students to get a computer, if necessary.

Quality of learning

In most North American universities, increasing access to teaching has not been the actual reason for adopting online learning, particularly, in distance education. The prime driver has been to improve the standard of learning.

The same but better

There are 2 ways to improve the standard of learning. One is to enable a lot of students to achieve the equivalent learning goals to a better level. Therefore, for instance if seventy-five percent of students passed a multiple-choice mathematics examination with an average grade of seventy-five, and also the introduction of online learning resulted in eighty percent of students passing the same multiple choice examination with an average of eighty percent, then it could be argued that online learning has improved the standard of learning.

Different and better

However, there’s very little empirical evidence to suggest that online learning has resulted in the kind of standard improvement associated with doing the equivalent issue better with online learning. The prime educational argument for online learning is that it enables students to learn in a various way from traditional classroom teaching. It’s no co-incidence that online learning arrived at a point timely when constructivist approaches to teaching were at the height of their quality. For constructivists, reflection and discussion are essential activities through that knowledge is constructed. The contemporaneous nature of online teaching, enabling students to regulate to some extent the pace and timing of their learning, permits for and encourages reflection. Online forums give the chance for students to test ideas, and build and construct knowledge through cooperative learning.

Distance education and the standard of learning

Therefore online learning was seized upon as a way of teaching otherwise. Absolutely, the weakness of print-based or broadcast-based distance education was the death of the chance for discussion between students. Relevant and optional arrangements had to be created through native study centers for face-to-face interaction, and in practice, these were usually used by native tutors for more lecturing, instead of group discussion of the printed material.
However, for distance education aimed at the masses, and above all those excluded from traditional styles of education, broadcast-based and print-based styles of distance education are expected to remain important for several years to come. Perhaps more significantly, there’s a strong link between online learning, new ways that of thinking and learning, and a knowledge-based economy. However, as the knowledge-based economy grows and becomes more important, thus too will the requirement for a sufficient and modern on-line distance education system.



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