Is An Internet Class Right For You?

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Is An Internet Class Right For You?
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Although education has been available via the Internet since the beginning of the last few years, most traditional educational institutions have actually embraced the Web as an educational medium. Early or later, high school and college students are faced with the question of whether or not to take an Internet class. In fact, a number of recognized public institutions even offer entire degree programs online.


While the internet can be a wonderful educational tool and taking courses online can be very useful, it is important to keep in mind that not anyone over the Internet is for everyone. I took courses and the Internet in recent years has taught about 50 students every semester via the internet so I have a clear idea of what to look for in a successful internet student. How do you know if or not an internet course is good for you? You must take three fundamental questions that can greatly affect your success in an online course:

  1. Technology – skills, knowledge, and equipment available
  2. Learning style
  3. Student Behavior

Most internet instructors do not consider their work to guide you in these areas. You would expect that you already have a working knowledge of using the Internet and ready to get to work on the courses and teams of missions.


Although technological skills can be learned easily, there are other problems that affect the success of students in Internet classes and one of them is the learning style.


Are you a visual learner, which learns best by sight? Then an internet course should be right for you. Are you a hearing student who learns better by listening? Then an internet course cannot adapt unless the instructor provides a series of recorded lectures. Are you a student of text learns better through reading and writing? Then an internet course is maybe ideal for you. Are you a kinesthetic beginner who learns best using the feeling of performing a task? Then an internet course can work for you. Internet course just does not work well for some learning styles. However, it is ideal for those who learn best by reading and writing. It is also essential to remember that learning style is only part of the equation.


The last element to help determine whether an Internet course is good for you is your own behavior and attitude. What is your main reason for taking an online course? If it is practical or planning to take a course on the Internet for the right reason, but if you observe that, this is going to be an easy class with a lighter workload that may be a surprise! You must also consider your own work style and ethics. Are you self-disciplined and able to do and maintain your goals and tasks? Then an internet course is right for you, but if you need regular reminders to keep up with your progress, you can consider another type of class.


An online course needs you to be self-motivated and disciplined. With the freedom and flexibility of the online environment comes the responsibility. The online process requires a real commitment and discipline to stop the flow of the process. Staying with class and all finished work in time is essential. Once a student gets behind, it is approximately impossible to catch up.


Once you have completely considered the three key areas: technology, learning style, and student behavior, you should be prepared to decide if you are willing to take an Internet class. Many students take courses on the Internet and, in fact, appear to be more successful in an Internet class. However, some students who are struggling in an Internet class and their grades suffer as well. It is important an informed decision before signing so that your academic record does not suffer from a hasty decision.


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