Open Online Courses for Everyone

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Open Online Courses for Everyone
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Open Online Courses is seen as a term or word related to the measurability of open and online education. Even some argue that it’s a political instrument and as such a plan that should be broadly explained. This document redefines open online courses so that it becomes clear what the differences are to alternative implementations of open and online courses.



Building with Course Builder
Have you already designed an online course or do you simply want to try our technology? Then begin building with Course Builder, our open-source online education platform. It has rich objectives set and permits you to keep your communication with your students and your brand. Check out our contributions from beginning to the end, which will help you get extra objectives to that platform.



The course is accessed by almost anyone anywhere
Ideally, this should be defined as Course will continuously be accessed by anyone anywhere as long as they have a net connection. Possibly this criterion ought to be used on a scale from 0 percent to 100 percent where, depending on criteria, in a particular case one can say that This is a Massive Open Online Courses for 80 percent regarding open accessibility.



Pace and fixed begin and finish date

We didn’t embrace pace and a fixed beginning date and finish date as precise criteria to distinguish between open online courses and other courses. The criteria preferred is that it must be a complete course experience embracing recognition option. As such participants start on an exact date and require to complete. Fixed dates and pace essential by the institution is just an option that is nowadays commonly used in open online courses that observe to a teacher transferring knowledge model. Other education models should be included for example referring to a learner targeted approach. it is the learner who is placed centrally. In those education models, the learner selects what to learn, when, how and what pace. The non-formal and informal social learning and networked learning have a place, as the learning has to be organized bottom-up. Learners required to be involved in the whole process and for example simply take on the role of co-producers and even as a coach.

Offering complete course online
The criteria used is that all feature, of course, ought to be delivered on online. Yet, that the participant of an open online course can select to have some offline activities or that extra services require face-to-face meeting or even the presence at a test center for an additional certificate. But such offline or face to face activities are not part of open online courses, are just optional. Participants cannot be asked to attend a meeting at a particular place as obligatory. According to the report Institutional open Online Courses strategies in Europe, a large majority supports that the course should be proposed utterly online.



Planning Your Online Course
Do you want insights into what we learned about ours? Are you new making online courses? Check out our Online Course Kit to assist you to plan and design your online course. Jump to the Quick begin to get started as soon as possible. See Insights for our collection of articles and blog posts regarding our self-experiments in online education.




Quick Start

Now you wish to teach an online course? Whether or not you have taught professionally or have never taught at all, this kit can assist you plan, implement, and launch your course. Making and launching a successful online course can be completed in 4 basic steps: 1.Plan your course 2.Create course content 3.Implement the course material with technology 4.Communicate with your students. Thanks to all.

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