The Effects of An International Education in Developing Countries

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The Effects of An International Education in Developing Countries
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The 21st Century has indicated one great change in the way the people are Educated, especially in Developing Countries. One example has been realizing International Education, into the local academic system.

For example, Indonesia has de-regulated the once rigid State Education system and permitted localized private Schools to propose International Education to its own citizens, as well as expatriate kids in the space of 10 years.


This has permitted Indonesian-based students to study locally Cambridge, International IB, and United Kingdom International General Certificate of Secondary Education programs in private Schools in the Cities across the Islands of Indonesia. And produced some remarkable results with Indonesian children usually ranking alongside their British and American counterparts, similarly.


Some critics of this policy have declared whilst the State provided Education system occasionally lacks the fundamental facilities, a new elite of Western Educated Indonesians is being made, who can give the higher school fees to enter Internationalized Schools.
But studies have proved that in the 1990’s, this new educated elite was usually sent to study in Australia, Singapore, and the USA, and currently, their Western-educated Parents prefer them to learn closer to home. It also permits more Indonesians to allow their children to obtain an International Education when they could not afford to send them overseas in the past.


Many Indonesians have looked Westwards towards getting a higher Education, with many Indonesians working in the nation’s urban centers holding Degrees mostly from American, and Australian-based Universities nowadays.

Local Critics cite the modern Economic meltdown in Countries outside Indonesia, claiming that maybe as Economies failed – therefore has the Education system that made the Leaders who control over the economic decline of many of these Countries, and Indonesia reproduces these Countries too much.

The westernized Education system these Schools provide, are Internationalized- but also in the long term may teach importances of Countries some say are alien to the local culture. Values that are really based on pop culture, and Western thoughts, rather than Indonesian family values.

Some Academics observe this trend as disturbing when a new generation of western Educated Indonesians can run Indonesia, at a time when a few economists do predict that China, and also India could be the major power in Indonesian society.
Other Critics state that students drop their cultural identity and turn into less of a National Citizen, but more of an international Citizen. Determining with the United States more than their local culture, and sometimes migrating there, once they have completed studying.

Those that agree the changes are helpful, declare that Indonesia will have a new generation of citizens not only ready but also able to cooperate, and therefore compete in business with their Western counterparts. Bringing prosperity to Indonesia.

On the other hand to most Indonesians, an International Education provides opportunities in Indonesian society and beyond, that a State system can just provide from specific Schools. And until that changes, many thousands of Indonesian kids will attend local Schools studying IB programs, and International General Certificate of Secondary Education System, and in some cases achieve higher examination results than their counterparts in Europe and the USA.



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  1. Turk says:

    Thanks Jariud;Yorr words struck a chord with me as well. In fact, God has been dealing with me about living a life of fatih or a life of fear. I too, feel that God has called me to write, but have not followed through with what I have started. I also feel that God is calling back into becoming part of a praise and worship team. I would like to connect with Sarina and her blog idea, seeing that I already am writing a blog and would like to do more with it. how do I contact her? Thanks, and be blessed!

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