Primary Education – Basic

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Primary Education – Basic
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Primary Education is that the initial stage of education and has as its basic goal to establish, create and offer opportunities to all children, regardless of age, gender or country of origin, to acquire a balanced cognitive, emotional and maturation.

Pre-Primary Education is mandatory for all the children that have reached the age of 4 years and 8 months by the first of September of the year their tuition is due to begin. Attendance of Primary Education is also mandatory for all the children that have reached the age of 5 years and 8 months.

Director of Primary Education

The Director of Primary Education heads the Department of Primary Education and is responsible for:
The organization, administration and the overseeing and observance of the functioning of primary, Pre-Primary and special education schools, the Adult Education Centres, and the Educational and Summer Camps. The organization, administration and the overseeing and observance of the Primary Education teaching employees and Inspectorate. The planning and coordination of the work administered in schools as well as the work administered by the Primary Education Inspectorate.

Inspector General of Primary Education

The general inspection of primary schools and their teaching employees. the observance, coordination, and standardization of Inspectors and also the organizing and participation in massive scale inspections. Active participation in the organization of conferences, seminars and training for the teaching employees and therefore the Inspectorate of Primary Education.

Chief Education Officers

The administration, organization and effective functioning of areas which lie among the responsibilities of the Department of Primary Education. Those include inspection of private and public primary schools, program development, exams, educational research etc. The observance, coordination, and standardization of inspectors in their specific district. The observance of enforcement of the regulations concerning the work of schools and other organizations and different sectors of Primary Education in their district. And the inspection of schools, organizations and different sectors of Primary Education and of their teaching employees, depending on the requirements of their district.

District Education Offices

The District Education Officers are responsible for the organization of all the schools in their district. The direct observance and coordination of the schools and the teaching employees are carried out by the inspectors of Primary, Pre-Primary and special education. The number of inspectors for every District Education Office is relevant to the number of schools and also the number of pupils registered in each district. Primary Education inspectors can be either General Education Inspectors or Inspectors of Special Subjects and are responsible for the administration and therefore the swish functioning and inspection of Primary Schools. The Pre-Primary and special education Inspectors are in charge of the administration and therefore the swish functioning, and inspection of Pre-Primary Schools and Special Education Schools.

Primary Schools

The cornerstone of Primary Education objectives has continuously been the balanced development of children’s personality by making situations which will assist them in the conquest of knowledge and also the development of acceptable attitudes and skills, thereby rendering them capable for his or her future undertaking of responsibilities and actions in our perpetually changing world.

Pre-Primary Schools

Pre-Primary Education carries out work of basic importance to the qualitative upgrade of Primary Education. This view of Pre-Primary agrees with the European instructional reality and the outcomes of scientific academic research. Cyprus, as a member of the Council of Europe and as a full member of the EU, adopts programs that relate and correspond to the European ones.

Special Schools

The Department of Primary Education is really responsible for the functioning of special schools. In Cyprus, there are just nine special schools, since the educational policy of the Ministry regarding children with special wants, is their inclusion in mainstream schools.

The different areas for which the Primary Education Department is responsible include: Primary Education, Pre-Primary Education, Special Education (special schools and support services offered to children with particular requirements who are taught inclusively in public primary and Pre-Primary schools), The Cyprus Educational Mission, the Education of the children of Greek of the Diaspora, Educational and Summer Camps, and also Adult Education Centers.



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