The Right to Education: Towards Education for all Throughout Life – Education World

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The Right to Education: Towards Education for all Throughout Life – Education World
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The World Education Report specialize in education as a basic human right is an appropriate choice for the International Year for the Culture of Peace. Education is one of the principal means that to build the defenses of peace in the minds of men and women universally – the mission assumed by UNESCO when the Organization was made more than half a century ago. The 20th century saw human rights accepted globally as a guiding principle. Our ambition for the new century should be to see human rights completely implemented in practice.


This is, therefore, an excellent moment for the international community to mirror on its considerate of, and commitment to, the right to education. Education is both a human right and a very important means of promoting peace and respect for human rights and generally basic freedoms. If its potential to contribute towards building a very peaceful world is to be realized, education must be made across the world available and equally accessible to all.

The challenge is intimidating. In spite of the progress created in the decades that have passed since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was announced, there are more than 800 million illiterate adults people in the world nowadays, and nearly a hundred million primary school-age children (and an even larger range of secondary-school-age children) are not in school. Besides, millions of those who are in school don’t have the benefit of an education of sufficient quality to fulfill their basic learning needs. These needs are day by day becoming more pressing as the enormous changes in the world wrought by globalization and therefore the revolution in information and communication technologies threaten to interact entire populations still living in dire financial condition.

The Education World Forum is a ministerial education seminar held annually in London. Ministers from around the world gather to discuss future practice in education focused on positive themes.

The program comprises keynote addresses, Ministerial keynotes, Ministerial Exchanges in addition to time for networking and informal discussions. These occasions embrace an official reception and networking dinner hosted by Secretaries of State.
Speakers and presentations at the event are given by over fifty world leading consultants in the field of education, as well as by rising goodwill dignitaries. All visiting dignitaries are given with guest passes and full time to visit the BETT show, the largest international education technology show in the world that is hosted by London at the similar time.

The Education World Forum, the largest gathering of education and skills ministers in the world, take place in January 2016 in London in the UK. The Education World Forum is a closed event, by official invitation solely. The 2016 event have seen the Sustainable Development Goals discussed by delegates, along with giving education in crises and the basic aspects of a successful education system. Equalities and goals for sharing concepts and knowledge were also central themes.

It is my hope that this report, through its wide-ranging and nonetheless concise overview and analysis, will give to a better international understanding of the nature and scope of the right to education, of its elementary importance for humanity and of the challenges that still lie ahead to confirm its full implementation.




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