What Is Education?

April 20th, 2017 | by StudyAtOnline.com
What Is Education?
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Education would be much more efficient if its purpose was to make sure that by the time they go away school each boy and girl should know how much they don’t know, and be imbued with a lifelong need to know it.

What is considered an education for a child?

Education, I believe, is the whole learning method of not only acquiring knowledge but, to a deeper level, for an individual to discover more concerning himself and the world which he is living in. Therefore, it is not so much about learning particular subject content such as English, Mathematics, Science or Moral Education per se but how we are able to apply this knowledge intelligently in our daily lives. More significantly, good education also probes and analyses the process of learning that is exceptional in every one of us.

“The world doesn’t pay for what a person knows. However, it pays for what a person does with what he knows” – Laurence Lee.
Being a father, the question beckons what kind of education do I would like for my child?
In all honesty, I would like an education which permits my daughter the freedom to discover, explore and expertise this world in her own eyes and to appearance her own view of it. It has to be an inspiring and challenging learning adventure. I also hope that she learns the value of discipline and enjoys the wonders of Nature in her learning process. Most prominently, it should be able to nurture the positive attitudes in her to be strong, determined, resilient, willing to take on challenges but yet be peace-loving and graceful in the technique she treats everybody.
However, I felt that most education systems nowadays fail in the task that they’re designed to do to nurture a Balanced Child. There is actually nothing wrong with having workbooks, enrichment classes, assessment papers and etc. But are we doing too much of an excellent thing and destroying our child’s present and future in this process? That is the crux of the predicament that most children in Singapore, Hong Kong (and Asia in general) face. We have robbed them of their childhood as parents!
Whatever happened to sensible of’ common sense? Where is the balance in the whole scheme of things? I’m not against the concept of sending my daughter for improvement classes when she gets older, however, I will definitely make sure that she enjoys the whole learning process. Unnecessary to say, I would like my child to have full time for fun, play and most of all, family!

Everyone appears to be in such a terrible rush nowadays; worried for better developments and better wishes and so on; so that kids have very little time for his or her parents. Parents have very little time for each other, and therefore the home begins the interruption of the peace of the world.
Parents, let’s not be extremists in the things we tend to do for our children. I know your worries and concerns but we need to seek balance in all things we do. Think about the criminal trials of vocalist and his lamentations of getting his childhood robbed. The very last thing I want to listen from my daughter when she grows up is that even I have robbed her Childhood unknowingly. And unfortunately, I can not provide her Childhood back to her.


Therefore, dear Parents, don’t be too arduous on yourself. Let’s take stock of what we’re doing for our Child and smooth out the rough edges. At the end of this article, the most effective education for your Child starts with having Great parents such as you around them.



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