Bachelor’s Degree of Careers

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Bachelor’s Degree of Careers
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Bachelor Degree is usually equivalent to one year of full-time study, typically taken after the completion of a 3-year bachelor degree, referred to as end-on honors. For the Bachelor degree, the University grants the award of the Bachelor of Honours.


A Bachelor Honour’s degree of 4 of additional years in length can be studied at the same time with the bachelor degree, with the honors normally included in the final year of the program, referred to as concurrent honors. In a concurrent Bachelor Degree, there’s no differentiated study program and every student awarded the degree receive one award the Bachelor of Honours. The requirements for the concurrent honors program are set out in the Bachelor Degree Policy.



The term embedded honors refer to the award of Honours on the premise of a differentiated study program inside a Bachelor degree program which is 4 or more years in length. Students who meet specific admission criteria could apply to alter programs to Bachelor Honours Degree Policy to the AQF Level eight Bachelor Honours degree and on successful completion receive one award the Bachelor of Honours. The necessities for the embedded honors program are set out in the Bachelor Degree Policy.



Dissertation refers to a coherent exposition of an analysis study in which the research objectives, relationship to different scholarly work, methodology and strategies employed and therefore the results obtained are known, analyzed and evaluated.



Higher Degree by Research means that a higher degree of analysis that is a Research Doctorate or Research Masters. A Research Doctorate means a Level ten qualification as described in the Australian Qualifications Framework and wherever a minimum of 2 years of the program of learning, and usually 2-3rds of the qualification, is research. A Research Masters means that a Level nine qualification as described in the Australian Qualifications Framework and where at least 2-3rds of the program of studying is for research, research training, and independent study.



Honours Program Director refers to the educational staff member appointed by the Group Board to convene and direct a specific Bachelor Honours degree program.


Honors Milestones Plan refers to a listing for the student, supervisor, and Honours Program Director to use in planning and directing a student’s development and completion of the honors program.




Policy Purpose
This policy purposes to supply a framework for the structure and award of the Bachelor degree that ensures transparency and equity across all disciplines in the necessities for completion of the award of Bachelor degree and provides the premise upon that valid comparison of honors results from different disciplines can be created.


Aims OF The Bachelor Degree
The Bachelor degree at Griffith is designed to: offer an educational experience in which top quality students earn a more advanced level of skills and knowledge. Bachelor degree provides top quality students with research training through direction by educational staff who are engaged in research in an environment that supports high rates of completion. Bachelor degree prepares top quality graduates to enter a higher degree by research or to undertake research relevant tasks in the workplace, and give a pathway to the University’s Master Degree or to its Doctoral programs.

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