What is the Importance of Education in the Modern Life?

April 21st, 2017 | by StudyAtOnline.com
What is the Importance of Education in the Modern Life?
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We understand the title mightn’t sound right to some. The general belief is that education is really essential and a must in today’s world. Therefore how can anybody even question its importance?

Well, as always, there appear to be several misconceptions about the necessary of education. While everybody, ranging from the poor people living on streets to the especially rich believes that education is a must in the modern life, many appear to be mistaking education for something that just involves getting good grades.

A very detailed example explaining this situation

Assume you are given a book that has very much complicated and really difficult-to-understand information concerning the planets of our solar system. Even though you find it very boring, you are attempting reading and understanding the information purely because you are told that you will be created to take a test and supported the results, offered a reward.

So you try your best to learn and remember as much as you will be able to, and you perform well in the test. The reward you are given, however, is nothing but the other book about planets, but the simple difference is that it is even bigger and has much more complicated information. You get very annoyed and wonder what is happening with you.

The above-mentioned example appears to quite relevant with this condition of the education system. Students are created to study things they have got nothing to try and do with, and it is extremely unlikely that they will ever have anything to try and do with them unless they select to build a career in that specific field, which again, is a very rare case scenario.

Though, when students study hard, any way of how irrelevant the subjects are, they usually get excellent grades. They then visit a higher class, where the similar things are repeated, with the just difference being that there is an amplified burden of doing well in terms of grades.

The point we are trying to create

In any case of how weird the above information may sound, it does create a point. This is due to the fact that many appear to be having many misconceptions concerning what actual education really is, and what it requires to focus on. As of now, it appears to be a source of huge information, which will be anything but helpful for the students when it comes to going out in the true world and performing.

Many students surely do get a very high-paying job, however, it is probably just after they take up other more practical academic courses such as an MBA, CFA, and so on. Those who don not have the necessary resources to join into such courses are typically left in a very worrying condition.
Children from their early age need to understand the importance of education in the modern life. This can help them have open minds and be ready to have the determination to learn new things as their brain are able to take in new things when they are young.

A final word

As a final word, let us mention that a right education system is possibly far different than what most people believe. With the proper knowledge and understanding, however, the current situation may possibly be changed for good.



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